24 aprilie 2017


Congress returns from a two week break facing a looming deadline to keep the government operating while President Donald Trump presses harder for some legislative accomplishments as his first 100 days in office winds to a close. The week is shaping up to be a collision of needs between the two and time is quickly running out on both. Passing funding to avoid a government shutdown appeared to be an easy task just weeks ago but new stumbling blocks [...] →

21 aprilie 2017


SEOUL/BEIJING, April 21 (Reuters) - South Korea said on Friday it was on heightened alert ahead of another important anniversary in North Korea, with a large concentration of military hardware amassed on both sides of the border amid concerns about a new nuclear test by Pyongyang. North Korea said late on Friday the state of affairs on the Korean peninsula was "extremely perilous" because of "madcap American nuclear war maneuvers aimed at trampling [...] →